Adding to Our List of Manufacturers

Hi everyone!

Still not a lot to report. We’re working like mad on the website, and it is (hopefully) mostly sorted at this point. Almost ready to go!

In the meantime, we have added two great product lines to our lineup!

Stewart Dollhouse Creations Cakes

We are so honored to get to carry Ruth Stewart’s wonderful goodies from Stewart Dollhouse Creations! Wendy in particular is very excited to get to learn to make checkerboard cakes from her kit!

We’ve long admired Ruth’s polymer clay molds, and we are really excited to get to offer them to our customers! The plan is to do some tutorials and we may kit them with our stuff as a very nifty addition!

Tiny boxes from Dragonfly Intl kits!

We are also very pleased to offer Dragonfly International products as well! I love their sheets of boxes and gift bags! And they really enhance the cookies and cupcakes made from Ruth’s molds! A perfect combination! 🙂

Our focus really is going to be on selling the things that WE make, but we are really thrilled to get to add things by other makers that enhance and accessorize our handmade things. Hopefully they’ll enhance and accessorize YOUR things too!

Back to working on the website! More news soon! Have a great weekend!

– David & Wendy