Dollhouses in Movies and TV Shows – Part 1 of ?

A project we’ve been wanting to do for a while is a list of movies and TV shows with dollhouses in them. Our requirement to be on the list is that the dollhouse has to be a PART of the story, not just a toy in the background.  So, if you know of any movies or TV shows where that’s the case – LET US KNOW!

So here are a few to start. These are in no particular order, we’ll just post them as we find them.


From 1972 a TV show called “Ghost Story: House of Evil”  Staring a very young Jodie Foster! Story written by Robert Bloch (the guy who wrote “Psycho”) which is probably why it’s an interesting story too.

Doll houses in TV shows – House of Evil
It appears to be on YouTube for viewing if you’re interested – Ghost Story: House of Evil.
Also, a full length movie from 1993 – “Secrets in the Attic: The Dollhouse Murders”.
Gorgeous dollhouse from “Secrets in the Attic: The Dollhouse Murders”
There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about it, other than it’s based on a book that is quite popular among teachers and a lot of kids have seen this film in school after reading the book in class.
Found it on YouTube also – Secrets in the Attic: The Dollhouse Murders.
It was also pointed out that there are a couple of episodes of Charmed featuring a dollhouse. Neither of us are “Charmed” watchers, so we had no idea.
Season 7, episode 17 “Scry Hard”
Season 8, episode 13 “Repo Manor”.
Charmed Dollhouse from Repo Manor
 Netflix currently has Charmed available for streaming, so that’s a viewing option as of right now.
And so it begins!
Do YOU have a favorite TV show or movie with a dollhouse in it? Let us know in the comments and we’ll include it on the list!
There is no way to know how many parts this is going to end up having, but our goal is to try to collect as many of them as we can (mostly because Wendy wants to see them.) 🙂
Thanks for stopping by! Happy watching and thanks (in advance) for any additional dollhouses in TV shows and movies you have for our list!
– David & Wendy
P.S. Part 2 of this series can be found here – Dollhouses in Movies and TV Part 2 of ?


  1. There was an episode of “Gilmore Girls” that involved Lorelei’s childhood dollhouse (If I recall correctly, her dad tries to drop it off on her doorstep to get it out of their house — it was a HUGE dollhouse!).

    1. Ooooh, intriguing, Lori! I will have to check that out! (I’ve never watched an episode of “Gilmore Girls” but if I watched “Charmed” to see THEIR dollhouse, might as well! Thank you!!

  2. Oh, and do you count the 2 Storage Wars episodes where they have to take miniatures and a dollhouse to a nearby mini shop to get them appraised? One episode was in Canada (they visited Out of the Ordinary in Ontario) and the other was in California (I don’t recall the museum they visit but the museum had a $26,000 dollhouse with a working elevator!).

    1. Wow…. a working elevator? Hmmm.

      I’m kind of hoping for a list of movies/shows where the house was important to the plot, but I guess being found and appraised on a storage show probably counts as “important”. 🙂 I’ll check them out! Thank you!!

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