Dollhouses in Movies and TV Shows – Part 2 of ?

We started out this project with dollhouses from Charmed, Ghost Story, and a movie called The Dollhouse Murders. Today, we’ve got three more for you!

There is a dollhouse in the British, horror movie, “The Awakening” and it is used to great effect in the film.

At the time of writing, Netflix has “The Awakening” available on streaming, and we highly recommend it if you like smart, ghost stories.

And especially smart, ghost stories with semi-creepy dollhouses in them. 🙂


In a whole different direction, there was an episode of “Storage Wars” that featured a dollhouse and miniatures from the 70’s.   Season 7, Episode 11 – “Ivy for the Win”

They find the house in a storage unit and take it to, the now permanently closed, Angel’s Attic Miniature Museum to be appraised.

The full episode may be available via your cable provider, but if you just want to see the dollhouse part, the A&E channel has it as a snippet on YouTube here – Storage Wars: Jarrod and Brandi’s Dollhouse and Miniatures (Season 7, Episode 11).


Neither of us had never heard of the movie “The Lovely Bones” until it came up when I asked folks about movies with dollhouses in them. Never even blipped on my radar.

But I am so, SO glad I saw it. It’s an absolutely beautiful film about death and what comes after.  Told from the viewpoint of a teenage girl who has been murdered and is watching over her family afterwards. It’s an amazing movie.

And there are a bunch of dollhouses in it. Some of them are used very well in a scene with the police and the killer. Very nicely done, and beautiful houses to boot!


So, that’s it for this time. We have lots more to investigate. We’ve got DVDs coming from Netflix so we can screen cap some that we haven’t been able to find pictures of online, so there will be more blog entries to come!

If you know of a movie or TV show with a dollhouse in it (preferably somewhat important to the plot, or at least interacted with by the characters) please let us know in the comments or email us at wendy at!

Thanks for joining us on this “dollhouses in movies and on tv” adventure! Have a great weekend!

– David & Wendy