Show Report: Tucson Miniature Showcase – Part 1

So, suddenly it was September and we found ourselves at the 37th Annual Show and Sale for the Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls and Toys.

We were so busy, I managed to take only two pictures of the whole event.  One of our table, all set up for the show –

And one sort of overview shot of the dealers room –

It was a great show and we had a terrific time, but I wished I had taken more pictures and promised myself that next show I would!

And I didn’t have long to wait.

October found us driving all the way through Colorado, and New Mexico –

To get to the 2017 Tucson Miniature Showcase which was held October 14th & 15th.  Proceeds from this show benefit the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.

We arrived on Friday the 13th and started getting set up.

Table rasa… our table, just waiting for stuff!

Even while everyone was getting set up, you could tell it was going to be a great show attended by a bunch of great dealers!



Our adventure was just beginning in this strange and wonderful place full of wild miniaturists and palm trees! (While Colorado DOES have some wild miniaturists, palm trees – not so much.)

And I’ll tell you more about it (and introduce you to some of these nifty miniaturist folks) in part 2!

– Wendy