Tucson Miniatures Showcase 2017: Meet the Dealers Part 2

There were so many dealers at the 2017 Tucson Miniature Showcase, this is going to take a couple more entries to tell you about them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Table #14 & 15 – Miniature Memories, Cindy Hinske

Cindy is a kindred spirit of ours. Her brick & mortar store, Miniature Memories, closed but just like us, she just can’t stop loving selling miniatures! She has a bunch of miniatures still in her house and arranges appointments for people to find things they didn’t even KNOW they needed!

She has some really unique and wonderful things. We were so happy to see her at the 2017 Tucson Miniature Showcase.

Table #16 – the IGMA table.

There were some really remarkable miniatures at the table of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

So many beautiful things, each more amazing than the next!

Table #17 & 18 – Borgulas Miniatures, Gloria Borgulas

Certainly one of the most interesting tables was the Borgulas Miniatures booth. So many unique and strange things to see!

Including these SUPER SUPER TINY baskets. With actual handles! So cute! Unfortunately, I’m told that she is retiring and won’t be at any more shows. But I’m glad we got to meet her at this one!

Table #19 & 20 – Red Bow, Sara Risley (srisley @ mcn.org)

We met the fabulous Sara Risley at the 2017 DMMDT Fall Show. She helped encourage us to come do the Tucson Show! Her specialty is vintage & antique miniatures, so obviously there was a LOT of amazing stuff on her table.

So unusual and so unique!

Table #21 – Pat Bruhn Miniatures

Pat is friends with Lee Cole, who was at table #2 you might recall. She’s been a long time fan of miniatures and had a table full of unique and amazing pieces.


So beautiful!

Table #22 – Dollhouse n’Miniatures Store, Ambreen Syed.

Ambreen is an online miniature dealer that also offers finished houses that she can ship by freight! She had a lot of cute pieces at her table.

Her favorite set – the stainless steel kitchen, because she thought she might like one for real! Pretty!


Table #23 – Granny B’ Goodstuff, gogrannybee @ msn.com

Bonnie Ferguson is the lady behind Granny B’s and she is just delightful. She specializes in “Miniatures, Antiques & Collectibles Good Stuff!”

And oh does she make neat stuff! Like this cozy looking little Yo Yo Quilt! And these super cute pillows (that kind of reminded me of one MY granny used to have (in full size)! Good stuff!)

Table #24 – Old Pueblo Miniatures, Dottie Eagley oldpueblom @ aol.com

Dottie is quite a fixture in the Tucson miniature scene. Her shop, Old Pueblo Miniatures was once a brick & mortar store in Tucson but has since closed. But while you can take the lady out of the miniatures shop, you can’t take the shop out of the lady! So here she was, with lots of cute miniature pieces!

I was really struck by how supportive all these folks are of their local museum, and certainly the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is something special. It was just really heartwarming to see people really getting behind it and wanting to support miniatures in their community.

Table #25 – Kate Bochenski Miniatures, Kate Bochenski.

Kate’s table was full of wonderful things including her dolls. We laughed about the naked guy on the tractor, but sure enough he found a home (hopefully where there are more clothes). ๐Ÿ™‚

A beautiful sewing shelf!

And a lovely lady, having a very special day.

And that’s it for this entry! One more blog entry and you will have met all the dealers at the 2017 Tucson Miniature Showcase! See you soon!

โ€“ Wendy
David & Wendyโ€™s Dollhouse
Englewood, Colorado