Tucson Miniatures Showcase 2017: Meet the Dealers Part 3

Three blog entries worth of miniature dealers at the Tucson Miniature Showcase. Here are the last folks that we saw there!

Table #26 – Shaker Works West, Kenneth Byers

Kenneth’s business logo is “When only the finest is good enough” and he is not kidding. His miniature pieces are so detailed and so amazing, I am so glad I saw them in person!


Seriously amazing!


Table #27 – McMini’s Miniatures, Nancy McEwen

So… Nancy McEwen makes very beautiful things, but I’m not 100% sure I’m allowed near her table ever again. I broke one of the chairs that goes with this table. D’oh! My sleeve caught it and it hit the ground and shattered. (I am such a klutz. It’s actually pretty impressive that I didn’t break anything ELSE at the show.)

Nancy was very gracious and super kind about my klutziness. And she showed me some of her other pieces too! Like this gorgeous witches’ table.



Table #28 – Mary Beth Berry, mbberry31 @ gmail.com

Mary Beth Berry loves miniatures and she loves sharing them! She’s taught lots of classes and is just one of those super amazing people who brings her knowledge and love of miniatures to anyone who wants to learn!

And she makes really amazing pieces for sale too!


Table #29 – Vegas Airs, Di Zammito & Sandy Leal

The nice ladies at Vegas Airs (there’s one hiding behind that rack of fabric in the photo) sell amazing hand dyed fabric and trims, but what really caught MY eye was their beautiful art dolls.

Very unique and beautiful! So pretty!!!


#Table #30 – Pearce Miniatures

The Pearces might be one of the nicest couples in all of the world of miniatures. We were absolutely tickled to get to spend some time chatting and visiting with them. They really are terrific people.


And their miniature plants are AMAZING! Truly something to see!


Table #31 & 32 – JB’s Dollhouses & Miniatures, Jackie Bruno.

Jackie is another dealer who once had a brick & mortar shop and now has gone online only. She’s got a website with a wide variety of miniatures.

When asked what her favorite piece she wanted to show off was, she showed me her entry in the exhibit hall.

She is very proud of her “Italian Yard Scene” and she should be, it’s lovely.


Table #33 – Newton’s Apple, Leslie Starker, newtonsapple @ comcast.net

We had met the rather wonderful Leslie Starker at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys’ “Fall Show” a few years back, but this was the first chance I got to really chat with her and see what she does! She’s a pretty spiffy lady, and if she’s coming to a show near you, you should DEFINITELY go say “hi”.

And maybe pick up a gorgeous quilt like this one. WOW!!!  Me? I brought home a snake and a slug, hand made by Leslie herself and I love them very much. 🙂


Table #34 – Really Ravin’ Minis, Robert Ravenwood & TJ Riehle

This was a table full of unique and interesting items. For instance, their Asian Sideboard Chest –

In three scales, no less!


I was super charmed by this Christmas Santa and his Reindeer. Also… that fireplace!!!

So there you are! Those are all of the miniature dealers we met at the 2017 Tucson Miniature Showcase!  We had a great time, and it was a great show and we were in very good company. If you get the chance to check out the 2018 Tucson Miniature Showcase, do it! And we hope we’ll see you there!

– Wendy
David & Wendy’s Dollhouse
Englewood, Colorado