Long ago, David was diagnosed with extreme MINIATURIA DISEASE.

It is highly contagious, and if you're reading this, there's a good chance you have it too.

See if any of these symptoms sound familiar:

  • Almost perpetual squint.
  • Frequent blank expression for long periods of time
  • Frequent mumbling about "1 inch to 1 foot", "one half scale", "millimeters" etc.
  • Obsessive squirreling away of bits and pieces of everything imaginable.
  • Constantly has nose in books, magazines and catalogs that have to do with tiny things.
  • Frequently has so many tabs open in their internet browser, looking at miniature tutorials and webpages, their computer crashes. (At which point they just return to books or magazines)
  • Thinking becomes smaller and smaller.

Miniaturia is highly contagious. It has been known to affect entire families and sometimes even three generations!

Children are highly susceptible. Adult children are even MORE susceptible!

While there is no known cure, the disease seems to not be fatal. In fact, most of the afflicted say they wouldn't give it up for anything.

The only known treatments appear to be:

  • visit miniature shops and shows
  • receive new miniatures in the mail
  • assemble miniature kits (in any scale)
  • and rearrange tiny furniture.

David and Wendy have channeled their symptoms into the creation of miniatures they wanted to play with, with the hopes that other people with MINIATURIA DISEASE would want to play with them too!